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Hey anon go eat a dick! This woman is a goddess and should be addressed as such! Take your hate and self loathing elsewhere.


Bless you, anon. 😍

You know after finally getting to meet you in person I have no idea how anyone could want to say mean and hateful shit to such a nice person. It’s one of those things that absolutely has no rhyme or reason to it and trying to make sense of it hurts my head…


aziz ansari’s voice in the back of my head faintly telling me to treat myself is going to be my downfall

Time for another 10 hours of writing code πŸ’» #AndIDontDoAnythingToMyEyebrows #GirlsBeMad lol




hit that follow button like πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

new goal….

That’s always been my main goal in life.

time to start popping them babies out then


hit that follow button like πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

new goal….


Why Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocks



Erykah & Dave

Oh my fucking God this is epic




This was perfect

y’all got to stop this …… I cant

MJ been bout dat life

weightliftingcanadian gets it lol this young man is going places

just a few things that needed to be said


so there are some things I need to say, just for my own benefit, and to get them off my chest. As anyone who follows me knows, I took a break from my blog for a little while. I needed to get my head straight and between some serious me time, and talking to a therapist, I feel like I’m getting back…

Welcome back 😊 we’re rooting for you!

Yeah I know I had deadlifts on deck tonight…but I think teriyaki and time with the wife while mom takes her granddaughter away sounds better 😊


My happy place is that Fat Burger on the strip in Vegas across from the Monte Carlo at 2am or later.Β 

Folks need to wisen up when it comes to fat burger…fck a whopper give me a XXL and a shake to end all


I will pick food over doing any activity I’m the entire world.
β€œYou wanna..”
Nah. That can wait.

Idk little guy…if i gotta take deuce I’m not sure piling more on top is the way to go


Oh yeah, getting rid of those knots.

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Super proud of the hard work beesosimple has been putting in the last week and a half…ready for another week? Lol #GettingItDone #OneWeekAtATime